Roy Williams Tie Tracker: Michigan State

One thing all UNC fans have come to know, love and expect of Roy Williams is his fashionable selection of ties, most often courtesy of Chapel Hill outfitter Alexander Julian. The same man who put the argyle on the side of the basketball uniform is still turning heads with  what he’s putting around Ol’ Roy’s neck. So, here at The Rafters we decided to pay homage to the best accesory in college hoops, if not the entire sporting world, and document every tie Roy Williams wears this season.

Can we talk about the big win last night, or what? UNC looked great last night against Izzo and MSU. Know who else looked good? Roy Williams going business casual in the sling.

I’m assuming to make up for the lack of flavor the tie added Roy went with a Carolina blue tweed shirt that has some cross hatching and forms some plaid patterns across the shirt. I like it. Subtle yet still stood out. Much better than the all-white shirt that was left after Roy took off his tie last game. If you were wondering, the ribbon on Roy is for AIDs as December is world AIDs month.

Also, in case you needed to know, the shirt, like Roy’s ties, is from Julian’s. Cool fact, in the middle of each plaid square is a hidden Carolina icon. Nice touch of school spirit by the designer. You can some what make out the icon at Julian’s website where you can also buy the shirt for $175. Hey, no one ever said looking good was easy.

Here’s this years stats:

Game 1: Florida International, W 88-72 – Small paisley in aqua and dark blue with pocket square

Game 2: North Carolina Central, W 89-42 – Large paisley in Carolina and navy blue and gold with pocket square

Game 3: Valparaiso, W 88-77 – Large paisley-ish in gold, navy, brown and Carolina with pocket square

Game 4: Ohio State, W 77-73 – Diagonal white stripes over light blue back with pocket square

Game 5: Syracuse, L 87-71 – Large paisley in Carolina and navy blue with pocket square

Game 6: Gardner-Webb, W 93-72 – Blue and white dotted with pocket square

Game 7: Nevada, W 80-73 – Carolina blue and white diagonal stripes with no jacket or pocket square, removed tie in first half, black arm sling

Game 8: Michigan State, W 89-82 – No tie, Carolina blue plaid shirt with no jacket or pocket square, black arm sling, AIDs ribbon

[Photos by N&O’s Robert Willett]

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