Tyler Zeller UNC’s Best Player?

This was on Seth Davis’ Hoop Thoughts today:

Someone who should know told me recently that Tyler Zeller was North Carolina’s best player. Just sayin’.

Any thought on who it is? I feel like if he didn’t name names it has to be a member of the coaching staff. You know, Roy Williams. Don’t know though. Tyler has definitely proven himself to be an asset off the bench but best player? Don’t know. What I do know is having him as our sixth man makes such a difference. I like him better there than a starter. Not that there’s room for him.

Other thing I noticed and thought was interesting was the comment made by Roy in the Truths and Rumors section. Roy said Harrison Barnes was the toughest recruit he ever landed. “I told him I recruited him harder than any player I’ve coached,” Williams said. “I always felt Raef (LaFrentz) was the toughest, but now it’s Harrison.”

I forget Raef was once highly sought after. But 16 months by Roy just on Harrison is amazing. And such a blow to Coach K.