Pat Forde ranks 2005 Tar Heels “Best Champions of the Decade”

In his first “Minutes” column of the 2009-10 season, Pat Forde took a retrospective look at the past decade in college basketball.

“Roy Williams, Gary Williams and Jim Boeheim were ringless. And hearing about it. Mike Krzyzewski was toying with North Carolina and seemingly would forever.”

Oh how sweet it is to see the changes that have traken place between UNC and the Dookies since 2000. Forde also ranks the “Best Champions” of the decade, with the ’05 Tar Heels taking the number one spot, and the ’09 team taking 3rd place honors, with Florida’s ’07 team at number two, mostly due to the fact that it was a repeat (don’t forget, their Final Four matchup that year was George Mason. I get a stomachache just mentioning that horrible postseason). No doubt that the ACC was the best conference this decade. The “Best Team Not to Win a Title” was Illinois in ’05, which was a powerhouse of a team that just couldn’t hang with the All Star Tar Heels of ’05. Also an entertaining choice: “Worst Title Game” goes to last year’s game at Ford Field.

Do you have this framed, yet?

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