J.J. Redick releasing a rap album?

So, this blog has turned into as much of a lampoon on Dook basketball as it has an update on UNC’s own team, but this has to be mentioned.

Apparently Magic guard JJ Redick is going to drop a single and an album with a hip-hop “super group” sometime soon. He says in the article that since all the members “pretty much have a full time job” that they hope the single will be out by the end of the year. I assume this means that the group will include other basketball players.

The group does not have a name as of yet.

Also, the single will be called “Waste Management.” I don’t know what that means and JJ’s explanation doesn’t clear it up: “The chorus has been written and the first verse and the direction we’re heading on the song has to deal with ‘waste management.”

I thought JJ was a poet? When did he turn to rhymes.

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