Duke Videos ARE Trying to Repair Image!! We KNEW it!!

Well, well, well. Looks like the Rafters got something right. If you have been reading this blog in its short existence, you’ll remember a post regarding Duke’s basketball team starring in videos produced by Duke University Improv. One of our astute editors — I don’t remember who, honest — posited that the reason the players were being allowed to be in the videos was to promote a more easy-going atmosphere in Durham.

Today, that prediction was proven.

An interview on The Devil’s Den with recruiting coordinator David Bradley had me in stitches all morning. Bradley confirms that Duke’s image has been suffering, and that since 2007 his department has been working to curb those troubles. Here are those videos in case you missed them, but if you read this blog, I’m sure you didn’t.



My favorite part of the interview was that a question asked by the reporter was basically the same reaction as the headline to our post, which was “Duke Basketball Presents Great Moments in Cinematic History. Really!?” Here it is:

“Speaking of Nolan. The Titanic scene…really?

The scene showed great confidence by Nolan and he is probably the only guy who could pull that off – and obviously he was wearing shorts.

On a broader level though, we aren’t in the business of making decisions based on the expected reaction of opposing fan bases. Duke Improv included it in the script, and we trust them to create both hilarious and appropriate situations. From there, Nolan was willing to do it, and it was part of an event where we were trying to be fun, entertaining and at times outrageous. Whatever comes of that sign on the road will be a lot more tame than many of the other stunts we have seen.”

Please, Mr. Bradley. Please, please, pleeeeeeeease keep making decisions without basing it on the “expected reaction of opposing fan bases.”

You have a great thing going for us.