Roy Talks About Upcoming Season, His Time at UNC

So I’m a little late in posting this, but there’s a pretty freakin’ AWESOME story about UNC on right now. You should go read it. Now.

Two main takeaways for me.

1) Roy confirms that he will probably have to play three bigs and two guards, instead of his typical three guard format. With the plethora of big men UNC has this year, it seems like the logical choice even though it strays from what Roy likes to do, the idea being to have your most talented on the floor. I wondered about this a while ago on another blog (it’s my personal one, geeky, don’t judge.)

2) Roy also talks about his retirement, saying it’s anywhere from six to 10 years away. I know I hope it’s the latter of the two numbers, but it stuck out to me because I forget that Roy has been in the game for a while now. My first reaction was: “He just got here and now he’s going to leave?!” I guess time does fly when you’re having fun. If Roy stays a full 10 more years. That would put his tenure at Carolina at 16 years, one longer than at Kansas, and 31 total years as a Division 1 head coach. Roy would be 69 at that point. I guess I’m just being selfish asking him to be there any longer.

Seriously though, go read that story. Great quotes abound and it gives a good idea of what feelings are among the team heading into this season. It goes into Roy’s mindset on recruiting and winning more championships. There’s also a video, but I haven’t watched that yet. The perils of blogging at work.